General Election 2017: Nottingham East constituency profile

Labour has held Nottingham East constituency since 1992 – and at a glance it seems a safe red seat.

Chris Leslie won more than half the overall vote in 2015 and will be looking to defend a majority of 11,894.

The Conservatives finished second in 2015, but two elections prior to that polled third after the Liberal Democrats.

Result in 2015: LABOUR HOLD – Chris Leslie
Majority: 11,984
Electorate: 60,464
Turnout: 58.23 per cent

Constituency boundary

Nottingham East Constituency boundary. Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right (2017)

Questioning the candidates

David Bishop.

David Bishop – Elvis and the Yeti Himalayan Preservation Party 

Why should people vote for you?
“I am standing for some issues that none of the other parties are standing on. I’m standing for what’s happening in Tibet, what with the Chinese Government and freedom of the people in Tibet and how it’s being trashed by what happened. But I’m also standing for some issues in Tibet that affect Nottingham. There’s plans to build a high-speed train through Tibet which will trash the environment. And I’m also campaigning to stop the one here that is going to come through Nottingham, HS2. All the main parties support it: the Lib Dems, Labour and the Tories. But, if I’m elected, I’ll vote against it. It will go through the Strelley village where I used to live, it will destroy thousands of acres of ancient woodland – and I think the money would be better spent on rural bus services which are being downsized throughout Nottinghamshire and everywhere, in fact.”

What local issue is most important to you in Nottingham East?
“From what people have spoken to me about, it’s about education – the way schools can’t cope and teachers leaving and the NHS. Those are the issues around Nottingham where I’m talking about, although I’m not campaigning on either issue.”

What has the area got most going for it?
“I actually live in Nottingham East in New Basford so I do know the area pretty well – and I do know a lot of people. Some of the problems I’m campaigning on such as the fly-tipping in Mount Everest, Tibet, is awful. There was a programme the other week about how 16 tones had been removed from Mount Everest. I was campaigning the other day in Gregory Boulevard and Hyson Green, and the rubbish and fly-tipping was terrible.”

Kat Boettge.

Kat Boettge – Green Party

Why should people vote for you?
“I think we, the Green Party, are offering a real vision for the situation with Brexit. I’m an EU migrant myself, and I’m very passionate for [the] Remain [vote]. The Green Party would offer a second referendum on the negotiated deal by the end of the two years as well as the option of staying as a full member. I think that is what a lot of people want, particularly in Nottingham East which is a very diverse area.”

What local issue is most important to you in Nottingham East?
“I think it is austerity and protecting public services. The Conservatives have been crippling our country with cuts on austerity which has been completely unfair – particularly for other people who struggle financially and the disabled and the disadvantaged. The Green Party really stands strong to protect the most vulnerable in our society.”

What has the area got most going for it?
“I’ve lived in the area for four years and have loved it – particularly the diversity. I lived in Sherwood and Forest Fields. When I go out campaigning, I love hearing the different accents and languages and I think it is such a vibrant area. There are different communities within Nottingham East, of course. But that’s really what I like and loved about Great Britain when I came here 17 years ago.”

Robert Hall-Palmer.

Robert Hall-Palmer – UKIP

Why should people vote for you?
“UKIP is still a very relevant party. The whole issue of Europe hasn’t been addressed fully yet. Most of the other political parties [and] the politicians themselves don’t want to leave the European Union. They’re all from the same political class. And UKIP provides the only genuine alternative for those that do not want to live in the ‘United States of Europe’. I’d say vote for me as a genuine alternative of someone who, from the very base, does not believe in the EU but who believes in a sovereign nation.”

What local issue is most important to you in Nottingham East?
“It’s still the British exit of the European Union for us. I think the political disconnect between politicians in the EU and politicians in the constituency is enormous. If you stay in the EU, the political disconnect becomes so great, this constituency has nothing in common with the people in Bosnia of Herzegovina who are coming in shortly. They have nothing really in common with the people in Greece. To keep the connection between politicians and the constituency, voting for a sovereign nation such as Great Britain and UKIP is the way to go.”

What has the area got most going for it?
“My favourite thing about Nottingham, I’d say, would be the Robin Hood thing. I seem to have had that theme going on throughout my life. I’m a great believer in that political view. The wealthy have to support the poorer sections of the community, especially in the cities in these modern times. Nottingham’s a great city to grow up in and I enjoyed my time as a youth a lot. I’d definitely go with the Robin Hood theme, it’s followed me.”

Barry Holliday.

Barry Holliday – Liberal Democrats

Why should people vote for you?
“Because they need an MP who turns up and goes to their surgeries, that votes in their interests and not in their own, and will represent their views and save our NHS.”

What local issue is most important to you in Nottingham East?
“Education and funding; we know the schools in Nottingham have not been funded properly and are going to get even more swinging cuts from the Tories. The Liberal Democrats have totally opposed per-pupil losses of funding – and we will fight that tooth and nail.”

What has the area got most going for it?
“It’s the houses you find in Carrington: the beautiful three-tier, thin terraced houses. I think they’re absolutely stunning.”

Chris Leslie.

Chris Leslie – Labour

Why should people vote for you?
“I’m standing on a five-point plan – a five-point offer. The first of which is defending the NHS. The second of which is making sure we have decent resources and standards in schools. The third is championing jobs and investment in Nottingham. Number four is getting the best possible alliances in Europe with the Brexit deal because that’s going to be the main issue dominating Parliament in the next five years. And the fifth point is making sure we have a strong voice for Nottingham in West Minster, to stop the Tory steamroller from destroying public services and local communities. So those would be my five reasons.”

What local issue is most important to you in Nottingham East?
“Those five points cover it quite well. I think if you are going to put it in a nutshell, it would probably be defending public services. Everybody needs that, and particularly those who are vulnerable and in greatest need could suffer if they disappear or if they’re eroded. I think it would be the defence of public services.”

What has the area got most going for it?
“What has Nottingham East got most going for it? I’d say it is a really diverse, creative, entrepreneurial community which I think is right at the heart of Britain, literally. Anything you want in the UK, you can find in Nottingham East. It’s a really thriving, vibrant city but with all sorts of different communities from different backgrounds and anything you want to find in Britain, you can probably find it here.”

Simon Murray.

Simon Murray – Conservative

Why should people vote for you?
“Because this is really an election all about what’s going to happen with Brexit. It’s clear the only secure way to ensure we get the best way out of Brexit is to vote Conservative to ensure Theresa May has a strong mandate to go through the negotiations in Europe.”

What local issue is most important to you in Nottingham East?
“I think it’s probably employment and the economy and, to my mind, the most important thing is that we secure as many new jobs as we can for the constituency for Nottingham East. In particular, the best way to achieve that is to have the best Brexit that we can obtain.”

What has the area got most going for it?
“Nottingham is a fantastic city and Nottingham East encapsulates all that’s best about Nottingham. From the reality of Sherwood and the lovely streets of Mapperley, it’s a great spot.”

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