The Goose Fair is here, but what are the best rides?

The modern Goose Fair is all about the rides.

The Goose Fair opens at 5.30pm returning to the Forest Recreation Ground and bringing you an array of entertaining attractions over the course of the next few days.

The fair has been going for 720 years and this year has added a even more new rides to its 500+ selection! The fair is one of the major highlights of the Nottingham events calendar and is always a hit, so this tradition shouldn’t be missed. We’ve gone down to the fair to scout through all the attractions and provide you with the top rides for thrill seekers! If you’re not an adrenaline lover don’t worry, we’ve also found the best rides for the whole family to enjoy!

The top 5 rides for thrill seekers

  1. Speed XXL

This pendulum ride isn’t for the faint-hearted, with seats on either end you’re spun around until you forget your own name. The 37-metre long arm will put you through your paces with up to 3.5 g-force, so don’t fill up on too many mushy peas before.

2. The King

The King is one of the new additions to the fair and hopes to add another source of frightening fun to anyone who dares to go on. The metal arm suspends and swings the seating as it rotates – facing you towards everyone in the circle as you’re forced to watch on to see the mix of fear and excitement on your fellow riders faces.

3. XLR8

Scream 4 speed as you’re spun to insane speeds in this drum, with a g-force of up to 3g pinning you against the walls – as the floor is removed you’re suspended like a giant person sticker! There’s even a viewing deck above for anyone to watch on as you brave the barrel!

4. Magic Mouse

The Magic Mouse roller coaster whips you along its track at high speeds, spinning you about in your small but vicious cart. The track is made up of sharp twists & turns and high drops – when you’re at the top you’ll be able to see its sister track on the other side of the fair called Wild Mouse.

5. Reverse Bungee

Prepare to shot into the sky on bungee as you are propelled from two huge towers into Notts sky. Your seat is held to the ground via an electromagnet and when it’s turned off, you’re catapulted vertically with a g-force of 3–5, reaching between 50 and 80 metres (180–260 ft).

These rides are for the most adventurous of us but if that’s not your thing, we have found the top family orientated rides for you to check out…


The top 5 rides for the whole family

1. Wild River

Get your waterproofs on, the log flume is back! Enjoy as your boat is carried around the ride by a mini river Trent, featuring a drop that will cause one almighty splash – get the whole family on because if you’re going to get a bit wet, you might as well suffer with everyone!

2. Giant Wheel

Maybe you want to take a break from the fast pace of the fair and enjoy the view from the top of the giant ferris wheel – you’ll be able to see the whole fair with ease. We recommend going on the wheel at night, the lights of the fair are amazing in the dark!

3. Dodgems

On the dodgems you have the perfect opportunity to do what you can’t on the roads! Luckily the bumping isn’t too extreme so you won’t leave any physical marks, also making it safe to bring your kids with you in the cars to enjoy all the fun.

4. Traditional Family Stalls

The fair has a load of family stalls and attractions to enjoy on your walk round the park. From hook-a-duck to poo in the loo (chucking a fake poo into a fake loo), there’s plenty to find and you might even win a prize.

5. Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a walk-through ride where you attempt to pass a number of obstacles including a room of mirrors, the shaky stairs and the walkway of rollers. Attempt this on your own or as a family and conquer all three floors.


Look out for our photographer on Wednesday night who will be snapping for our online gallery. Send us your Goosefair pics on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For more information on Goose Fair, check out our other post.

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