GRAPHIC IMAGES: Firefighters free stag who had antlers ‘tangled’ in net with dead one in Mansfield

The live stag was attached to a dead one because of the net

Nottinghamshire firefighters helped to rescue a stag who had his antlers ‘tangled’ in a net with a dead one.

WARNING: Graphic image below which some people may find upsetting

The RSPCA was contacted on Monday (November 6) after a member of the public saw the stag in distress in a field on Jubilee Way North.

Next to him was another stag who was dead after being strangled by the netting.

RSPCA inspector Keith Ellis attended and, with the help of Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, managed to free the animal.

The stag has now been released back into the wild.

The stag is believed to have been strangled by the netting

Inspector Ellis said: “This was a difficult rescue but the fire service were fantastic.

“The stag was distressed but he was mobile and he kept moving away when we got near, dragging the dead stag with him.

“The firefighters used shields and a saw attached to a long pole; with great difficulty and patience they managed to cut the netting and the stag ran off.

“It would appear that the netting which the stags got tangled in is used to trap hares.

“It is a shame that netting can cause animals such distress and, in the case of the dead stag, fatal injuries.

“We would urge people not to use it.”

Notts firefighters worked to free the stag