Hope Nottingham: Food bank helps families through winter

A food bank in Beeston is hoping to help struggling families through the post Christmas months.

Hope Nottingham in Beeston is aiming to be able to send food and clothes parcels to families in need over the next month.

One person who knows the importance of help from organisations such as Hope is volunteer Angie Stanton, who had nothing when she arrived in Nottingham 28 years ago.

“When I came here with two children I had nothing to my name and we got a house with just one bed for the three of us,” she said.

What can you do to help:

  • Donate food to your foodbank: Milk (FHT or powdered), sugar (500g), fruit juice (carton), soup, pasta sauces, sponge pudding (tinned), tomatoes (tinned), cereals, rice pudding (tinned), tea bags/instant coffee, instant mash potato, rice/pasta, tinned meat/fish, tinned fruit, jam, biscuits or snack bars
  • Give funds
  • Volunteer
  • Hold a fundraising event

There are so many different options to help.  Hope Nottingham is part of a UK-wide foodbank network more details here: www.trusselltrust.org/foodbank-projects.

In the cold winter months, it is the organisation’s hope that it can continue to give out clothes as well as food parcels.

“We can hopefully offer struggling families both food and clothes parcels, ranging from toddler to teenager sizes, over the next few crucial months,” said Angie Stanton.

The winter months are important, according to director Nigel Adams as an average of 500 people visit the food bank, the same number as over the festive period.

“We do seem to find that January and February are the busiest times of the year as people have to spend more on heating and are struggling to make ends meet after Christmas,” he said.

“Having had loads of fantastic donations over Christmas, we are always on the look out for more as we are getting through them very fast.”


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