INTU calls for pedestrianisation outside Victoria Centre

INTU, owners of the Victoria Centre in Nottingham, have suggested a scheme to pedestrianise Parliament and Milton Street.

Whilst currently the streets surrounding the shopping centre are filled with taxis and buses, that could all become history if the plans are adopted by the city council.

And the assistant manager of Boots, situated inside the centre, Rose Guyler, believes that the move would be beneficial for the centre.

“The centre is here to benefit its staff and customers and I think it would be increasingly accessible if the plans to pedestrianise the streets outside went ahead,” she said.

“As a business it would also bring a financial boost to our store and if it does happen we will be happy but similarly if it doesn’t go ahead we will continue on how we have been doing.”

Marcus Nelson discusses the positives it will bring to his business, Funky Fones

INTU has emphasised that it is just an idea at this stage and Nottingham City Transport are yet to comment as they wait for more information about the plans.

However, members of the public have had mixed reaction to the idea.



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