John Jay Moores flies into UK ‘to complete Forest takeover’

Video: Forest Supporters Trust Co-Founder Richard Antcliff on John Jay Moores.

The completion of John Jay Moores’ £50m takeover of Nottingham Forest has moved closer after he flew to the UK on Tuesday.

The former owner of Major League Baseball side the San Diego Padres was rumoured to be completing the takeover on Tuesday but the closing of the deal has been delayed.

Speaking to MLB columnist Barry Bloom, the American millionaire said on Tuesday: “I am optimistic that we will close, soon. But nothing definitive.”

It is not clear what has caused the delay in the completion of the £50m takeover, but Bloom later said Moores had left the US on a flight bound for London – with the aim of completing the deal.


The deal is expected to secure an 80 per cent stake in Forest, with current owner Fawaz Al-Hasawi retaining a 20 per cent stake.

Mr Moores was preciously part of a £200 million bid to buy Premier League side Everton in February last year, with that deal falling through.

Under his control the San Diego Padres won the West Division title in 1996, 2005 and 2006, even reaching the world series in 1998.

The Texan made millions in computer software, racking up more than $600 million from cashing in on his shares with enterprise software company Peregrine Systems.

And the entrepreneur still works in the IT service management market through continued investments with his venture capital firm JMI Equity.

Nottingham’s most loved American and owner of Annie’s Burger Shack, Anne-Marie Spaziano has been encouraging John Jay Moores to embrace the city, she said: “With him coming over he’s going to find so many interesting places to go and see, people are friendly here.

“There are great places to walk around Nottingham that you can see and just go ‘oh I didn’t know that’, I think he’s going to love it.”

Video: Annie told Notts TV’s Nolan Benson that John Jay Moores “will love Nottingham.”

She added: “Surviving in Nottingham, well he’s got to come out and check it out, he shouldn’t stay away.

“The more he is out there and the more he meets people, the more the people will like him back, that’s a good tip for him.”

Video: The people of Nottingham have a few local pointers for John Jay Moores.