Lane closure on major Nottinghamshire road as works begin on diseased trees

The A610 where works will take place
By Anna Whittaker, Local Democracy Reporter

A large number of diseased trees will be cut down on a busy Nottinghamshire road, causing possible disruption to drivers for the next four weeks.

Nottinghamshire County Council says a “large number of trees” near the A610 Kimberley Bypass have got Ash Dieback Disease and need to be chopped down to ground level.

The serious disease, which can kill trees completely, is caused by a fungus which has spores spread by the wind, meaning it is “impossible” to contain, say Nottinghamshire County Council.

Works between Swingate and the IKEA junction are taking place to ensure trees don’t fall onto the carriageway or nearby properties.

These works will cost the council £65,000 from its highways revenue budget, starting on February 12 and lasting for around four weeks.

A lane closure will be in place daily between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

“These timings and dates are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances as is normal with highway activities”, the council said.

“Intervention is now essential to reduce and remove the risk to highway users and adjacent property owners as the main priority for the County Council is the safety of the public.”

Via East Midlands, contracted by the council, monitors trees and logs any deterioration.

The firm said the deterioration of the trees has increased over the last six to 12 months.

Council documents state: “The A610 Kimberley bypass has been monitored for a number of years.

“It now requires intervention and significant works are needed to remove the risk of tree failure within the highway and ensure the safety of highway users.

“A large proportion of the Ash trees have already been affected and will need removing.

“A final assessment of trees on site will be made when works commence.”

The works will be undertaken as a whole instead of in phases to “reduce the impact on the highway network”.

The authority said once the trees have been removed, the growth of smaller trees in the area will be “accelerated” to fill the space.

If this is not successful, new trees will be planted in the areas affected.

The works will affect trees on either side of the carriageway with the Eastbound works (IKEA to Swingate) from February 12 for seven days, and the Westbound works (Swingate to IKEA) from February 19 for 13 days.

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