Dynamo captivates Nottingham

Hundreds of people were in Nottingham’s Old Market Square to see Dynamo perform his own brand of street magic.

The only indication that Steven Frayne, better known as the magician Dynamo, would be in town was a tweet he posted on Twitter.

dynamo tweet

The crowds in market square quickly gave away his position as legions of fans turned up to see Dynamo’s unique brand of street magic.

His 30 minute performance featured several captivating card tricks, including one in which he turned lottery tickets into actual money right before the crowds eyes.

Another trick involved asking a group of people from the crowd to pick a card from his deck, at which point he proceeded to correctly pick out every single persons card from the deck in a variety of ways.

Video: Dynamo performs one his tricks with a member of the audience.

The audience hung on his every word as the magician used his infectious charisma and good-natured charm to astonish them.

He rounded off the performance with a massive group photo in front of the crowd. He even took the time to snap some selfie’s with those quick enough to get to him.

The Bradford born wizard is no stranger to doing impromptu performances in front of large crowds, having made his name through his hard work and dedication to street magic.

This December will be the first time he takes his tricks to the next level however, with an arena tour including Nottingham’s Capital FM arena.


Photo: Dynamo performs one of his card tricks with a fan.

Speaking to Dynamo before he took to the council house steps, he talked about his experiences going from street magic to arena tours.

I’ve travelled the world doing corporate events, I’ve done birthday parties for just about everyone, but this is the first time I’ve actually done a show in an arena that all the fans can come see.


Dynamo wanted to reassure audiences that they won’t be missing out on anything even when he’s performing such intimate magic on a huge stage.

He said: “the show is going to be very interactive, it’s going to involve the audience, so no matter where you’re sat, there’s going to be moments where you’re actually part of the magic.

“I don’t want it to be a show that you just come and watch passively, it’s not like going to the cinema, it’s a genuine experience. When you leave, I want you to feel like you were part of something that will never happen again.

“Hopefully the memories of the show are what’s going to last.”

Video: Dynamo shows the audience a quick way to make money from the lottery

One of Dynamo’s signature tricks is to levitate, when asked if fans would see the illusion he said they’d have to wait and see.

Dynamo’s live show ‘Seeing is Believing’ comes to the Capital FM arena this December.


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