Meet the Notts couple who invented an adult board game together

Richie and Jane Bowles say the game has saved marriages

In the quiet village of Upton, near Southwell, a naughty board game was dreamt up in a couple’s bedroom.

Richie and Jane Bowles felt their sex drive was low after having two children, so one night decided to play a game – but make it sexual.

This which turned into ‘Monogamy, A hot affair… with your partner!’

It has become a game-changer in the adult entertainment world and led to the founding of their Newark-based company Creative Conceptions.

We just thought it would be fun

After asking friends in the village to try it they realised that it benefited many long-term couples and rekindled their romance.

Now they receive letters of thanks from people all over the world for saving their relationships – after the game sold more than a million copies.

Jane Bowles said: “When we first had our two boys, we tended to find that when we got home from work we were absolutely shattered, and sex just kind of got lower and lower down the order of priorities of things to do.

“So we just thought wouldn’t it be fun, one evening, to instead of watching tele to play a game.”

The game has been recognised worldwide, and is available in eight different languages. They’ve even won two awards from websites voted for by couples including ‘Adult Game of the Year’.

Richie added: “As Jane said it’s great fun, you can have a little drink as you go around the board, you can do all that naughty stuff you’ve only ever dreamt of before.”

The game is so successful it has saved marriages, even though they never expected their little home made board and paper cards to turn into an international trend.

They also believe the novel ’50 Shades of Grey’ has encouraged couples to experiment and people are much more open to trying new things.

Richie and Jane argue that if the game was available on the NHS there would be a lot less divorces in the UK.

But how exactly does running a sex product business go down with family? Richie explains.

“We have two boys, 20 and 22, they didn’t quite know what we did initially, but now they seem to think it’s pretty cool.”


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