New 20mph speed limit for The Meadows

A new speed limit of 20 mph is set to be introduced to The Meadows by the city council at a cost of £40,000.

It is part of the Nottingham City Council’s plans to restrict speeds around the city.

Other areas in Nottingham that have already seen the 20 mph limit introduced include  Sherwood, Bulwell, Bestwood, Bramcote Lane and Wollaton.

Michael Edwards, city councillor for the Meadows and the City Centre, said: “We are putting 20 mph speed limits to make the neighbourhood nicer to be around and to walk through.

“People have wanted something done about the streets where cars can get speed up and that is why we have been so insistent on doing things so we can make an impact on Sheriffs Way and Robin Hood Way.”

Coun Edwards has denied that the new limit will create more congestion.

He said: “It isn’t a congestion issue its about getting traffic to flow more smoothly.

“Traffic flow is better at a lower speed typically 19 mph is the best speed.

“To tackle congestion what we have to do is make public transport more attractive and that’s why we are expanding the train network.”

The signs will start going up in The Meadows on Monday, December 1, and will be completed in three weeks.

The council will then be working with the police to ensure the new scheme is enforced.

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