Nottingham Boat Company selling bling barges triples profits

A company making and selling luxury canal barges says a growing thirst for water living has seen its profits triple.

Nottingham Boat Company at Redhill Marina, near Ratcliffe-on-Soar, is co-owned by couple Les and Jeanette Robinson.

The firm has recently recorded a tripling in profits to £1.5 million a year – which Les and Jeanette put down to more people looking for an alternative to bricks and mortar which costs less to buy and run.

The company’s factory is at Redhill Marina, near Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station.

“I went to India years ago and stopped in a boat in Kashmir in the Himalayas, and when I came back to England I sold my house in Nottingham and bought a boat because I’d enjoyed living on the water that much,” said Les.

“You are changing people’s lives when you are giving them a boat. For someone who was living in the rat race they suddenly have their own choice as to where they are going to live.

“The cost of living goes down and you take luxury with you.”

Plush double beds, rather than pokey bunks, provide sleeping space on the firm’s barges.

The company’s creations include bedrooms with double beds and kitchens with granite work tops.

Added Jeantte: “The lifestyle is completely different. I eventually gave up living in the rat race after meeting Les.”