Nottingham company’s customised coffins being displayed at Southbank

Staff at Crazy Coffins busy in their Bulwell workshop. Picture: Roger Bamber

A selection of coffins handmade by a Nottingham business will be on display in one of London’s biggest centre for arts.

Crazy Coffins in Bulwell creates custom-made decorative coffins and urns for those wanting a more imaginative funeral.

The company has been in Bulwell since the 1950s and will send ten of their coffin designs to the Southbank Centre in London this weekend (March 4 and 5) as part of the Belief and Beyond Belief exhibition.

The exhibition explores what it means to be human and organisers asked the company business to send up a selection of replica coffin creations.

Ursula Williams from Crazy Coffins said: “The festival hall is running a series of works looking at attitudes towards death, how we cope with death and we have been invited to show some of our coffins.

“Our coffins appeal to people who go to funerals and realise that the normal coffin does not represent them.

“Often funerals involve frantic preparation but this gives them a chance to plan something special in advance and it appeals to those with a sense of drama I think.”

The business employs 25 people with designs from guitars to football club themes taking a minimum of two weeks to complete.

Ursula added: “We get requests from all over the place but the yellow skip has been made for a Bulwell-based builder.

“We also had a security guard who works in Afghanistan ask us to make a Jack Daniels bottle coffin for him as it is his favourite drink.

“He wanted to be prepared just in case and make sure people were smiling at his funeral.”

The replica coffins will be on display at the Southbank Centre on March 4 and 5 from 10am to 11pm. Entry to the exhibition is free.