Nottingham consumes more fizzy drinks than the national average


People in the East Midlands drink more fizzy pop than anywhere else in the UK.

Nearly 2% of Britain’s fizzy drinks are consumed by families in Nottingham, with Devon , Cornwall and Somerset having the lowest consumption of carbonated drinks in the country.

Research from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that only 10% of boys and 7% of girls in the nation eat five portions of vegetables and fruits everyday .

Last year sweet sellers were banned from selling fizzy drinks outside Nottingham schools in an effort to get children to eat healthier.

Excessive consumption of sugar leads to heart disease , diabetes and possibly cancer.

Healthy substitutes for fizzy drinks include water , diet drinks , sugar free drinks and lower fat milk. Besides fizzy drinks, other drinks to avoid include sugary drinks and squash.

Nottingham doctor Ian Campbell says  people don’t realise how dangerous fizzy drinks can be.

See the full report on Nottingham’s fizzy drink addiction on Notts TV news ,5.30-6.30 pm Tuesday April 7th.



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