Nottingham home to first bar in Midlands to stock specially selected barrel of Mexican tequila

Video: Danielle Hall taste tests the one-of-a-kind tequila at El Capo

A Nottingham bar has become the first in the entire Midlands, and the second in the UK, to stock a specially selected barrel of tequila from Mexico.

Herradura tequila launched a buy-the-barrel programme in the UK in 2016 but only one other barrel has ever been shipped to the country.

The director of El Capo in Nottingham personally chose the kind of tequila he wanted with a trip to Mexico.

Peter Skelton said: “You personally select the barrel, I think there was six choices and you figure out what you want to get from the barrel.

“I went for the lorem tequila which is smoother because I want my customers to enjoy it too and for it to be like a getaway tequila.

“It’s an amazing product so I thought bringing something back to the public here would be special.

“I went to Mexico to try the tequila – I don’t remember too much of it.”

Herradura tequila has come to El Capo

Stuart Fritz, marketing director from Mangrove who sell the barrels said: “Once it’s finished, it’s finished.

“There’ll never be another drop that’s the same because the barrel it’s finished in will never be used for any other tequila.

“You will not be able to go on the street and buy this.”

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