Nottingham Muslim’s post on stopping ISIS goes viral

Britsh Muslim, Muslim, Facebook, ISIS

Kashif Ali is a keen Facebook user, so he thought nothing of the handful of comments his post about fighting terrorism began to attract last Monday morning.

But nothing he’d seen online before had prepared him for what happened next, as his post ended up being shared more than 300 times and was read by hundreds of thousands of people after being posted on news websites.

Some said his post, all 36 words of it, summed up the debate around stopping ISIS, also known as Islamic State, and gave it a uniquely humorous twist.

Britsh Muslim, Muslim, Facebook, ISIS

Kash, from Sherwood, posted the status in response to some people saying that British Muslims were not doing enough to challenge ISIS in the wake of the Paris attacks.

muslim, British muslim, ISIS, facebook

He said: “There were two extreme opinions on Twitter following the attack; people demanding an apology from Muslims and people saying that Muslims have nothing to apologise for. So I just thought of this post that shows Muslims are just like everybody else.

“Muslims are often dehumanised and seen as almost aliens in the media so jokes like this help to humanise us and show that we have have girl problems and are just like everybody else.”

The post also caused a storm on, Twitter with celebrities such as J.K Rowling, Daniel Hannan and Stephen King re-tweeting it and other users’ references to it.

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