Nottingham named fifth safest city in UK for a night out

Photo by Dun.can

Nottingham is the fifth safest city in the UK for a night out, according to a nationwide survey.

Conducted by Deltic Group, the study surveyed drinkers from across the UK about their habits on a night out.

In the part of the study on safety, Nottingham ranked fifth of all cities in terms of travelling alone on a late night out.

Plymouth is ranked the safest city in the UK overall and the number of Brits that do not feel safe travelling by themselves on a night out has decreased by three per cent nationally.

The study also found that people in Nottingham spend an average of 4.34 hours on a night out compared to the longest night out in Glasgow at 4.92 hours per night and the shortest, 3.99 in Leeds.


Vincent Toutian, an International Relations and Politics undergraduate student at Nottingham Trent University, originally from France, agrees with the sentiments of the study.

He said: “I heard some bad stories when I was researching Nottingham before I came to study here, it was frightening, things like ‘Shottingham’ kept coming up.

“Now that I live here though I think the city centre is really safe, I have never had any issues and the police have a real presence in the city.”

Another student at NTU, Kiki Vu, moved to Nottingham two years ago to study Psychology with Sociology from Hojimin City, Vietnam.

He agrees that Nottingham is a safe city and said: “Everything is organised and it is definitely safer than Vietnam”.

According to the report, Brits spend an average of £52 on a night out and people are spending an extra hour and three minutes compared to last October.

The number of people who go out four to six times a week between the ages of 18 and 21 has increased, while the average times out a week to go out has remained the same, at one night a week.

Kiki Vu said: “Vietnamese people have quite a big drinking culture too, so the fact that British people drink a lot did not surprise me.

“I do think students here get more drunk than in Vietnam.”

Vincent Toutian said: “What impressed me about Nottingham is that you can go out every night if you wanted to, there will always be people there, if you went to a club in France on a Monday it would be empty.

“The prices play a big part, getting drinks here is so much cheaper than it is in many other countries.”

Peter Marks, Chief Executive of The Deltic Group said:  “The index shows that even though people, and specifically young people, are taking part in Dry January and drinking less alcohol than the older generations, they’re still going out just as much and enjoying themselves in a club, bar or pub, as shown by the popularity of these late night activities over the pay weekend.

“It’s now less about alcohol and more about creating a fantastic night out – with that in mind we’re continuing to invest in our clubs, music offering and entertainment to make sure we’re giving our guests unforgettable experiences.”

Nottingham also ranked among the top three cities who abstained from alcohol during Dry January lasting an average of 16 days compared to the national average of 12 days.