Nottingham’s kettlebell head coach wants the sport to appear at the Olympics

Video: Kettleball head coach Laurence Clemente on why he loves the sport

Nottingham’s kettlebell head coach has said he wants to see the sport make it to the Olympics.

Kettlebell is a sport that originates from Russia where competitors lift kettlebells in a similar way to what is seen in other weightlifting championships.

However it is not measured by the weight lifted but by repetitions in a certain amount of time.

Nottingham’s kettlebell head coach Laurence Clemente said: “The sport being at the Olympics would be a dream, just like it would be for any sportspeople.

“The sport is growing undoubtedly, regardless of any Olympic status, we’ve had several world championships in a row.

“There was a big meet in America just a couple of weeks ago where there was a world championship for clubs but a lot of people from England, Ireland and Scotland went to take part.

“It’s growing year on year on year; in some countries it’s slower but there’s no doubt you will hear more about this in the future.”

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