Notts musician spotted at train station ends up joining world-renowned DJ’s gig

Video: Lance Hume plays his sitar with house music DJ Artwork

A Sneinton street musician ended up performing a set with a world-renowned DJ hours after meeting him outside Nottingham Station.

Lance Hume, 40, was playing his sitar, an Indian pluck-stringed instrument, as part of the Light Night entertainment on Friday night (February 10).

He was approached by a man called Arthur who walked past and asked him to perform with him at the Rescue Rooms later that night.

Arthur turned out to be house music pioneer and member of Magnetic Man, DJ Artwork.

Lance, 30, who has been playing the sitar for 15 years, said: “Arthur said ‘I like your music and I’ll give you some nice money and look after you if you do a performance at the Rescue Rooms tonight’.

“I did that straight after the gig and it turned out he was Artwork – he only introduced himself as Arthur originally, and he turned out to be a massive dance legend.

“It was just a crazy experience.”

Lance played his sitar while Artwork DJ’d, and he says the audience were “nearly in tears” by the end of the set.

He said: “The crowd was overwhelming; it was packed in there and people loved Artwork and people were nearly in tears when I was playing the sitar.

“People were coming up to me at the end, it was an overwhelming response. People were getting quite emotional.”

Lance originally learned to play the guitar 25 years ago and now also plays the drums.

He currently performs by himself or with a group called Duniya.

Lance says he’s had other surreal experiences playing his sitar around Europe – as he linked-up with the King Shiloh Sound System, an international roots reggae sound system, inspired by Jah Rastafari.

“When people hear a sitar player, there’s not many around, and people are quite interested and quite drawn to it,” Lance added, “I hope to work with Artwork again. He seems keen to do some more stuff.

“I love Artwork because I knew of Magnetic Man from growing up with dance music. His music was around when I was in my early 20s.”