Nottingham sex workers warning of dangerous clients on safety website

Street prostitution has fallen in Nottingham but the site highlights the risks to off-street sex workers. Picture: Kay Chernush

Nottinghamshire sex workers are using an online safety forum to warn each other of dangerous and dodgy clients.

Support and Advice for Escorts (Saafe) is a national site set up for escorts to share stories and advice.

Some have shared stories of terrifying encounters in which they have been attacked, threatened or robbed.

Posts about incidents in Nottinghamshire posts include clients who try not to pay and those who do not practice safe sex, including some deliberately removing or breaking condoms during sex.

One thread on the site from a user called Dani says: “I manage to get condom on and turn around and hear a strange noise so I spin round and he has ripped the condom; I gave him a rather stern warning and he said it was an accident.

“He insisted on trying sex again so I popped another condom on and turned around; he had taken it off and thrown it off the bottom end of the bed.

“I flew off the bed and told him to get out and he actually had the nerve to ask for his money back!

“Avoid at all costs as it seems from what he told me he does this a lot.”

Picture: Tomas Castelazo (cc-by-sa-3.0)

Figures show the number of street prostitutes has fallen dramatically in Nottingham over the last decade.

Police launched a crackdown on kerb crawling and since 2004 1,590 have been caught trying to buy a sex act in the street.

Around 945 of them agreed to go on a one-day rehabilitation course, of which only 33 are known to have re-offended.

Care packages to help women exit prostitution have also reduced the number of street sex workers from 150 to just under 40.

However, off-street prostitution, which in many cases is technically legal, still exposes sex workers to violence and exploitation.

Dani also posted on the site, saying: “He had torn the whole condom away from the base and could not understand why I told him to leave.

“I had given him two warnings already to leave condom alone.

“This guy has obviously done this before as he was quite nimble at trying to break condom and if I had music on I would not have heard it pop.”

He does the ‘oh I forgot to get money out’ thing

One Notts thread highlighted a case of a client trying to get away with not paying.

User casey_kisses said: “He turns up 20 minutes late, is polite, I ask for the money and he does the ‘oh I forgot to get money out’ thing.

“He then texts and says he has forgot his cards (shock) but has £50 in cash, can I do anything for him, for that price.

“I say no, but that my cancellation fee just happens to be £50, so he can pay that and would then be welcome to see me again.

“Surprisingly he says that sounds like a lot for nothing, I explain I had another booking I could have taken (I did) and my time is money, basically I don’t hear back (again not a great surprise).

“This sort of thing has happened a few times but the reason I’m reporting this guy is that he seems such a genuine guy.

“Very polite, courteous, really friendly and well spoken; I do not believe he is dangerous but I do think he is looking for freebies.”

Prostitute Outreach Workers, based in Radford, provides support and advice for Nottingham sex workers and the Jericho Road Project runs teams of volunteers to help people to leave the industry.


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