Notts skeleton bob athlete crowdfunding to make 2022 Winter Olympics

Video: Hannah Stevenson in training

Notts skeleton bob athlete Hannah Stevenson is currently crowdfunding in her bid to be a part of Team GB’s 2022 Winter Olympics team.

Hannah is raising money on her Pledge Sports page to move to Bath so that she can get the training she needs to compete at the 2022 Beijing games in China.

However the member of the GB Skeleton Talent squad is using it as a motivating factor instead of seeing it as a hurdle.

Speaking on Sports Week, Hannah said: “I have to raise the funds to move down to Bath because that’s where the British skeleton bob training programme is based which is why I’m crowdfunding at the moment to help with that!

“You do think about it in the back of your mind as there is an expectation for me to move to Bath because you’re going to get the best training down there.

“But then you are worrying and stressing about money so it isn’t easy but they are the struggles that motivate you.”

Hannah says the start is the most important part of the run and is where time is gained or lost.

She said: “At the time, we’re sprinting so in that moment it’s all about being explosive, driving out and making sure that we can be the fastest over the first 50 metres.

“Once we’re on the sled, it’s completely different; we’ve got to be relaxed and anticipate what we’re going to feel on the sled and what we’ve got to do.

“I don’t find it scary any more – of course it was the first time I did it but now it’s just kind of second nature to me!”

Video: Hannah Stevenson on her preparations for the rest of the season

Preparation for each course is vital in finding a quick time and being safe on the sled.

Hannah said: “You’ve completely got to know what you’re doing, we spend a lot of time visualising how the run is going to go, what we’ve got to do in all the corners and what to do if it goes wrong.

“Even though you have this plan, you’ve got to be feel what your sled is doing and what your sled is giving you, along with all the different pressures and how you’ve got to handle them.

“We’ve got to think on our feet literally at 80 miles per hour.”

Hannah has had small injuries but she has escaped any major ones.

She said: “There are a lot of injuries that go on but overall, we are pretty safe on there if you know what you are doing and we’ve prepped to make sure we are safe.

“In October 2016 though I unfortunately got concussion while we were out in Norway, I didn’t specifically bang my head on the ice or anything but I just kind of hit my chin on the sled

“That’s probably the worst thing I’ve had as it put me out for seven weeks but the others have just been little things here and there, especially as I bruise very easily!”

For more from Hannah, watch the February 8 episode of Sports Week on Notts TV at 7.30pm, or see our catch up service.

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