People in Nottinghamshire to get evening and weekend GP appointments


The government says people across Nottinghamshire will soon have access to evening and weekend GP appointments.

The changes are possible because Government ministers have pledged an extra £14m in extra local funding for the NHS that will improve GP access and help modernise surgeries.

By next year it is expected that residents in the East Midlands will be able to see a GP, nurse or primary care professional in the evenings and at weekends or speak to one by phone, video, or email.

Prime Minister David Cameron says he wants the NHS and GPs to offer patients services closer to home, avoiding unnecessary trips to hospital.

The NHS is moving with the times. By keeping in touch with how people live their lives, far more NHS services, tests and treatments will be offered close to people’s homes at times that suit them,” added Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

“GPs have always been the foundation of the NHS and are at the centre of our plans to move care in to the community. We are supporting them innovatively to deliver 21st century patient care.”



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