Pub review of the month: The Star Inn, Beeston

Star Inn Exterior
The Star Inn, Beeston. (Photo: Notts Night)

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The Star Inn

Address: 22 Middle Street, Beeston, NG9 1FX

If a beer festival lasted forever, it’d look a bit like the Star. Seventeen hand pulls line the two ample main bars, and if they ever have fewer than eight working, you’ll get an apologetic look from the staff. The website has a whole page detailing the current offer.

It’s almost impossible to imagine the difference a complete overhaul made a couple of years back. Previously, this place was a deathly overly-lit hole, majoring on John Smiths. But it’s now a firmly established must on the Beeston circuit.

If the main bars are full, there’s a cosy side lounge resembling a hotel lobby, or the massive marquee (also housing a pool room) and an ample beer garden. You really could easily get lost in here.

Music? Regular gigs, thankfully confined to the marquee so you can still hear yourself think.

Food? A good selection of pub grub staples at decent prices.

Customers? The world and his dog come here. Dogs especially are welcome, as are children (though thankfully pushed to the back).

Opinion? Can a pub really be “all things to all people” without compromising on quality, choice or service? Well, it seems it can. The ales on offer here are well kept and well served. And if you really do get lost, you can stay overnight in one of the eight rooms.

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