Ruddington campaign to stop housing development


Ruddington residents are fighting plans to build 250 houses on green belt land.

The Ruddington Action Group was set up last month in reaction to the plans submitted by  developers, Space Foods Ltd. to build 250 homes on the field off Asher Lane in Ruddington.

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The proposed site for the housing development in Ruddington

Public consultation on the proposal was due to close on Wednesday January 14 but Space Foods Limited  revised their application, changing the site boundaries, and public consultation has now been extended for a further 21 days.

Residents are concerned that the village will not be able to support the influx of people caused by the building of 250 new homes.

Helen Brownett, a member of the Ruddington Action Group, thinks the greenbelt land needs to be conserved and that there are plenty of brown field sites where the houses could be built.


Helen Browett, Ruddington Action Group

“They are proposing to build 250 houses which could mean 500 plus amount of cars. All those cars trying to get down a narrow lane Asher lane which was never built to take that many cars. It will just cause grid lock.”

You can see the countryside around you and to see houses around it will not be a nice environment when your out walking and there would be a lot of traffic and a lot nosier.

Helen Browett, Ruddington Action Group

The campaigner says that if the development goes ahead it will effect a lot of the village as residents already have to wait two weeks to see a doctor and she says there are too many pupils at the school.



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