LAPD car patrolling the streets of Notts

Video: Notts TV’s Sharon Walia checks out the LAPD car roaming the streets of Notts

A Nottinghamshire mechanic has been turning heads after adding a Los Angeles Police car to his vehicle collection.

Kelvin Rose, from Bulwell, buys cars from across the pond and the newest addition to his fleet has been literally stopping traffic.

The former traffic policeman bought the vehicle from eBay.

Kelvin said: “I just fancied one really – it took me about a week to make up my mind but I decided to buy it, press the buy it now button and went to collect it.

“It has a V8, 4.6 litre Mustang GT engine, which is quite lively.

“It also has reinforced wheels, reinforced suspension, larger driveshafts all for pursuit work really and can run flat tyres so that you can keep pursuing someone if they go up kerbs and their tyres blow out.

“You can drive it around normally (legally) as long as you don’t switch the lights or sirens on.

“The American police cars are a lot better – they’re comfortable as far as driving is concerned, it’s smashing to drive.”