The Selfie Stick controversy

As the news of Wimbledon’s ban on Selfie Sticks hits selfie lovers across the nation, Notts TV took to the city’s streets to see what all the fuss is about.

The extendible sticks that help with taking self-portraits from a distance, have been banned at this year’s tennis championship.

Our roving reporter, Louis Antoniou, decided to ask the people of Nottingham what you think of the popular gadget and whether these bans are ruining the fun for self-confessed selfie lovers.

Warning: A selfie or 10 may have been taken in the process.

Selfie sticks have been in the National Gallery as they fall under the category of tripods, which are already prohibited at the Trafalgar Square gallery in London.

With the bans speedily spreading across the country, there are mixed views over whether the gadgets should be allowed.

One group of photographers who spoke to Louis supported the bans and said the accessory is “embarrassing,” however many people said we should be able to take selfies where and when we want.

                                                                Video: Louis Antoniou hits Market square armed with his new gadget.

Here’s hoping Market Square doesn’t join in on the banning bandwagon.

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