Sherwood MP to take cat poisoning issue to Parliament

MPs will debate the control of antifreeze products after a spate of cat deaths in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has raised the issue at Parliament and there will be an adjournment debate in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 2 December.

The RSPCA are currently investigating up to 22 deaths of cats in Calverton over the summer – believed to be a result of antifreeze ingestion.

Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol which travels to the kidneys and forms insoluble crystals.

Ingesting even the smallest amount can cause kidney failure and death in animals, especially cats.

Symptoms of antifreeze poisoning include vomiting, difficulty in breathing and seizures.

RSPCA concerned by poisoning

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said they were deeply concerned by the spate of suspected antifreeze poisonings of cats.

They said: “We would like to remind owners that unintentional poisonings can happen. Owners should take care and be vigilant when using antifreeze, making sure it is kept in clearly labelled, robust, sealed containers, away from pets and their environment.

“If you suspect that your cat has been poisoned you must take it to the vet immediately. If possible, you should take a sample of what the cat has eaten or drunk, or the container.”

The RSPCA has urged anyone that has any evidence supporting the allegations that someone may be deliberately poisoning these pets should contact 0300 1234 999.

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