Southwell event aims to remove traveller stereotyping

Romany Gypsy Wagon at Southwell Minster

As part of Gypsy Roma Traveller month, a conference and exhibition has taken place at Southwell Minster in a bid to raise awareness of travellers, their heritage and tackle the stereotypes attached to them.

Hundreds of people were at the Archbishop’s Palace, located in the Minster’s grounds, to hear speeches from Dianne Skerritt, Equality and Diversity officer for the Church of England in Southwell and Lorinda Liversidge, Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer for Nottinghamshire County Council.

The aim was to educate people about travellers’ history and lifestyle and to try to deter stereotypes that surround them.

Dianne Skerritt said: “I think people are always very difficult with or act differently to anyone that they don’t see as a mainstream part of their community.”

“Their community has over 500 years of history, it is now possible to learn more about Gypsy Roma Traveller lifestyle than it was several years ago.

Dianne Skerritt, Equality and Diversity Officer, C of E

Unfortunately, the event was only there for one day but if you want to learn more about the gypsy and traveller lifestyle then get down to the Gordon Boswell Romany Museum in Spalding, Lincolnshire, the oldest museum about their history and lifestyle in the country.


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