Staff and volunteers sing the praises of the Radford Care Group

The pioneering Radford Care Group is a day care and friendship group for elderly people of Nottingham and according to the volunteers and employees it is one big happy family.

Freda Ward, 77, from Wollaton, volunteers two mornings a week and joined the care group when it opened on Prospect Street in Radford.

“It’s just a happy place to be. I have been coming since 1979 and it’s very rare for anyone to leave.”


Image: Volunteer Freda Ward, 77. 

She says that the centre is a life-line to many of the members and according to staff the care group is used as a benchmark by the City Council in providing care.

“I don’t know how they cope – some people with dementia. I think it’s quite dangerous from them to be left  on their own and there should definitely be more places for them.”

Video: Pauleen Davies founder and president of Radford Care Group talks about how the group began and what it means to her.

Many volunteers and members have been coming to the centre for years but there are some newer faces as well.

Shaun Morris joined the team in April as the Friendship Group Co-ordinator.

Shaun, 36, previously worked at a care home in Nottingham but the Radford Care Group is a place he has always wanted to work.

“I love the job. It’s the best job I have ever had. I feel like I am giving a little something back to the elderly.”

Shaun Morris, 36, Friendship Group Co-ordinator at Radford Care group.

Shaun, who lives in Bulwell, says that he can’t think of anywhere in his area that has a day centre like this for the elderly.


Image: Shaun Morris, 36, Friendship Group Co-ordinator at Radford Care group

He says that a lot of older people live in warden-run places with community rooms.  But with so many cut-backs the rooms are often left unused.

Volunteer Kathleen Hoyland, 79, from Mapperly Park says that the centre is one big family.

“There are a lot of people that are really struggling at home,” she says.

IMG_0423Image: Volunteer Kathleen Hoyland, 79.

Kathleen thinks it is great that people can come to the friendship group then, when their needs become greater, they can attend the day care.

“It’s nice to think you have given people a bit more pleasure and socialization then they might have had,” she says.

And so it seems that the Radford Care Group really is a great place for all.



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