Vinyl putting Nottingham on the map

Rough Trade bringing vinyl's back

With six independent record stores already in Nottingham, the demand for vinyl is soaring 30 years after it last saw a boom.

Rough Trade opened its doors late last year, the business which only has two other stores in London and New York, has fuelled the city’s appetite for the classic record.

Vinyl has made a comeback in the UK, but Nottingham is fast becoming a hotspot for shoppers looking for a classic twist on modern day music.

Jill Taylor of Anarchy Records on Mansfield Road has seen a rise in sales since the opening of Rough Trade, she has also seen the increase of artists recording their music on the platform.

“A lot more bands, even smaller bands, are tying to bring stuff out on record. Because a lot of big bands are now doing it as well, more people are liking the original format of records,” she said.

                                                                                                                   Jill Taylor, manager of Anarchy Records

Rough Trade aims to represent the creativity and artistic talent of the music they sell. The store on Broad Street, Hockley, offers more than just records, hosting events such as World Record Store day and putting on gigs for customers to enjoy.

People travel from far afield to visit Nottingham’s vinyl shops.

Sales assistant Jono Beard said: “People are starting to become aware of Nottingham as being a good place to buy music, and see live music. It’s definitely being perceived in a way it wasn’t five years ago, and that’s good.”

                                                                                                                Jono Beard, sales assistant Rough Trade

The diversity of talent in Nottingham’s music scene has made it one of the UK’s most musical city’s.

With the likes of Jake Bugg, Saint Raymond, and venues such as Rock City, Rough Trade is adding to the list of reasons why our music scene is thriving.




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