Watch: Apprentice candidate Elizabeth McKenna on Twitter trolls and facing Lord Sugar

Nottinghamshire Apprentice candidate Elizabeth McKenna has spoken about facing Lord Sugar and social media critics as part of appearing in the hit BBC One show.

Elizabeth McKenna, who runs Flowers By Susan, is one of 17 people vying to win £250,000 investment in their company and the chance to have Lord Sugar as a business partner.

Elizabeth, whoses business has shops in Portland Road, West Bridgford, and in King Street, Southwell, has survived the first six episodes.

But she’s had to face the usual stream of love and hate online, with thousands of people judging the candidates’ every move and word as part of the drama created by the long-running series.

She told Notts TV:”I’ve had a lot of love on Twitter, I really, really have. Lots of people have engaged with him and in quite a lot of funny ways and I could have taken offence at some of the things that have been said.

“I’ve been likened to Olive from On the Buses, Eric Morcambe was another one. And you know what if people are taking the time to engage in something actually quite funny then go with it. I love it, I love that sort of stuff.”

Elizabeth McKenna
Elizabeth McKenna. Photo: BBC

She added: “I’ve basically exposed my soft underbelly and said ‘like me or loathe me’ and that’s incredibly frightening for someone in my position.

“I run a business and people rely on me for their jobs as well, and to go into the Apprentice process and put that on the line, it’s a really tough thing to do.”