Watch: Story of Nottingham man who founded AC Milan makes it to the big screen

The story of the Nottingham man who founded Italian football club AC Milan has been turned into a feature-length documentary.

Herbert Kilpin, a butcher’s son who grew up on Mansfield Road in Nottingham, went on to set up the club in 1899.

Now his story has been committed to film by Nottingham’s Left Lion magazine, in collaboration with author Robert Nieri.

Nieri’s book, The Lord of Milan, brought Kilpin into the spotlight last year and was supported by the Serie A side, who went on to win a long list of European and domestic titles and are now a household name.

To make the documentary, named after the book, filmmakers from Left Lion travelled to Milan and visited sites in Nottingham linked to Kilpin’s early life.

Kilpin’s trade as a lace maker took him from Notts to Italy, where he founded the Milan club.

His image still appears on flags flown at the Milan’s San Siro stadium.

The documentary will be premiered at a sell-out preview at the Broadway cinema, Hockley on Sunday, October 22.

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