Woman loses half her body weight to fit into wedding dress

A Wollaton woman dramatically transformed her body by losing nine stone to fit into her wedding dress.

Emma Lavelle, from Hambledon Drive, walked down the aisle nine stone lighter on her wedding day after a year of intense fitness training.

Emma said: “I wanted to make a difference to myself and be a better mum for my daughter since I couldn’t get involved in anything she was doing at school physically, and I  just wanted to be healthy and look good.”

I didn’t realised how ill I used to feel before I lost the weight

Emma hired a personal trainer as well as going to the gym three to four days a week.


Emma before she lost nine stone
Emma before she lost nine stone

She originally set herself a target of losing three to four stone and managed to drop from a dress size 24 down to a size 10, which meant she had to get her dress altered by 14.5 inches.

Emma said: “I feel loads healthier, I don’t think I realised how ill I used to feel before I lost the weight I used to feel quite poorly.”

Her personal trainer, Tom Wilson, 23, from Ruddington said: “It’s crazy, she is so on top of her game, everything I ask her to do she is straight in there training away. She is so dedicated it’s amazing.

After sticking to the Dukan diet and exercising Emma now weighs 12 stone in total down from 21 stone.


Emma with her husband Brian on their wedding day


Tom said: ” When she first came up the stairs, she was wearing baggy clothes and you could tell she wasn’t very confident.

“Over the course of the year that she has changed so much, she’s confident in the way she looks and you can tell she is a lot happier.”

Emma trained at the ROKO Gym with Tom, in Wilford Lane, Compton Acres, where Emma is a hairdresser at the gym’s Joshua Tree salon.

Emma tied the knot in Orlando with her husband Brian in September.


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