Wrestling Returns to Notts

One of Nottinghamshire’s biggest wrestling events returns on Sunday for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

More than 200 wrestling fans are expected for Wrestle Carnival Presents Curtain Call at the Portland Centre in the Meadows. The government now allows events like it to go ahead at full capacity. Supporters and performers will be advised they can wear masks if they want.

Organisers say they are also happy to spread people out in the arena to make them feel more comfortable. “We just want to provide three hours of entertainment to allow you to escape from the past 18 months,” says Wrestle Carnival owner and promoter, Gary Ward. “Our priority is the safety of everyone in attendance.”

Many of the wrestlers at the event have not taken part in a competitive match in seventeen months.

“It feels like we are finally getting back to some kind of normality,” says professional wrestler, Ivy. She will take on three other wrestlers in an attempt to win the Catch Pro Wrestling Womens Championship.

“It genuinely felt like a part of me was missing during lockdown,” she added. “Its hard to explain but when you stop wrestling after so long doing it, your body starts to ache more so the first few months were rough! Especially when the gyms closed, it didn’t feel like there was anything to focus on anymore.”

Professional wrestler, Ivy will fight for a Womens Championship against three other stars

The first of seven matches starts at 1pm. It is the first time the Portland Centre has hosted live wrestling in its 107-year history.

Both wrestlers and organisers say they cannot wait to be bringing the sport back to Notts. Promoter Gary Ward says “I’ve missed wrestling so much but the reason I genuinely do this is to provide entertainment for people. I honestly can’t wait to feel and hear a crowd again.”

Wrestler Ivy agrees that crowds are vital. “For me, the best part of wrestling is having fans there reacting to the moves, the characters, everything. I’m ready for that adrenaline to come back!”

Doors open at the Portland Centre at midday on Sunday 1st August, with some tickets still available there. The matches are expected to continue until 4pm.

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