Young Creative Awards: Film

Renate Saifutdinova


The best of Nottingham’s young creative talent has been honoured at the Nottingham Playhouse on Wednesday the 18th of May.

Hundreds of people attended the 8th Nottingham Young Creative Awards, which aim to give people aged 13 to 24 who live, study or work in Nottingham the chance to show off their creative work, network with future employers and gain valuable industry experience and mentoring.

A record 350 young creatives submitted their work in 10 different categories this year to meet the 2016 theme of ‘Goals and Dreams’.


The Film category looks for submissions from talented young filmmakers which interpret the theme through both the development of the city and the people living within the city.

Submissions for this category approached the ‘Goals and Dreams’ theme in innovative ways – such as a reinvention of the Star Wars trilogy and a documentary surrounding Nottingham’s tattooing scene.Skeleton Productions Logo

The film category was sponsored by Skeleton, a specialist video agency focusing on video strategy, production and marketing. Their approach blends creativity with expert insight to make videos that engage, inspire and compel people to act. Videos that push the boundaries of what’s possible with the medium and consistently achieve great results.

Skeleton are passionate about nurturing the talent of the future, and that’s why they’re excited to sponsor the Young Creative Awards for the 4th year running!

Category winners

19 – 24

WinnerEmily Deck, 19-24 (NTU)

Emily and her team’s video reflects their Goals and Dreams for Nottingham – that the city will continue to grow. The film shows the development in a young girl’s life from the moment she is handed a scarf. The scarf represents the city or the key to the city. Throughout the film the scarf becomes newer and more rejuvenated, parallel to the the girl’s life and the city itself. The scarf is eventually passed onto someone else, giving them too the opportunity to better themselves. We loved the message behind this film and the way it was brought to life through a clever visual metaphor.

Highly Commended Reece A Straw, 23

16 – 18

WinnerRenate Saifutdinova, 18 (Confetti)     

Renate’s documentary focuses on an up and coming tattoo studio in Nottingham called Society Thirteen. It’s about the dream of the future for the studio and what they want to achieve. This film was made by a talented filmmaker with an excellent sense of framing and how to use complementary footage to really send home the message of the interviewees. We found it gave an interesting insight into a subculture that not many people know much about. In particular we enjoyed the colour used throughout the documentary, which mimicked the colour of the tattoos.

13 – 15

WinnerKai-Yan Lai, 14

Kai-Yan’s film was inspired by Star Wars. He decided to modify the idea of the fan film to reflect his own goals and dreams. We could tell there was a lot of heart and passion put into this film, and we were impressed by the humour too. Comedy is often harder to capture than drama in film, but we found the comedic elements here very effective. The use of space on camera was also excellent and we loved the industrial atmosphere that complemented the futuristic style of the film.

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