Heroin deaths update: Calls for antidote to be made available across Nottinghamshire

There have been calls for a new drug remedy to be made available in Nottinghamshire after the deaths of six heroin users.

Naloxone is a special narcotic drug that reverses the effects of a heroin overdose and has reduced the number of deaths in Nottingham City when it has been given to drug users.

However if you live in Nottinghamshire County it is not available, something Lee Collingham, a former heroin user says needs to change.

He said “Last year in the city we saw a similar situation there were 12 overdoses, fortunately not one of them died because in each situation Naloxone was available.”

lee collingham

                                                                Lee Collingham, former drug user

At the moment the decision on whether or not to provide Naloxone is left up to each individual local authority.

Nicholas Kennedy a heroin addict in the city, also believes that Naloxone should be available to all heroin users, he said “I think it should be given nationwide, the trials have already proven how valuable it is.”

Crime Reductions Initiatives, the local service provider for drug misusers say that they are investigating the cause of the 6 deaths and will continue to monitor the situation.

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