Snake found in a gutter in Hyson Green is saved by RSPCA staff

The snake was found near the RSPCA's branch in a gutter.

A multicoloured snake was discovered hiding in a gutter in Hyson Green.

It was found by RSPCA inspectors close to the charity’s branch on Radford Road and taken inside.

The branch wrote on Facebook: “The snake was very cold but soon came to, warming up slowly near the radiator before being whisked to the vets for a check up.”

RSPCA inspectors took the snake in after finding it in the street.

The snake is a milk snake, a species of King Snake, which is harmless and has no venom despite its eye-catching markings.

In December RSPCA Nottingham staff saved an injured bird of prey after it was hit by a truck.

They took the Buzzard to Arnold and Carlton Veterinary Centre, on Westdale Lane, Mapperley, where it was treated for head, foot and wing injuries before being released back into the wild.