Former care home in Arnold could be turned into residential building with 30 bedrooms

Ernehale Lodge, in Furlong Street
By Joe Locker, Local Democracy Reporter

A former care home in Arnold could become residential accommodation split into spaces for 30 people if plans are approved.

Ernehale Lodge, in Furlong Street, is a purpose-built care home which had room for 30 residents with nursing home needs.

In total there are 10 single bedrooms and 10 double-bedrooms in the building at present.

It had been rated ‘inadequate’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) before it came out of special measures towards the end of 2019.

Its use as a care home has been “discontinued”, according to planning documents submitted to Gedling Borough Council.

Maarhia Latif, of Arnold Point Limited, has now submitted new plans to transform the building into what is known in planning terms as a ‘house in multiple occupation’, or HMO, for 30 people.

It has been proposed eight car parking spaces would be kept and 15 cycle spaces would be created.

“Additional bedrooms are provided by re-purposing ancillary spaces which are no longer appropriate following the discontinuation of the care home use,” plans state.

“The building is located in a primarily residential area close to all amenities and public transport links.

“There is existing on-site car parking to the rear of the building (eight spaces).

“The future users are not expected to be car owners or users and thus secure cycle storage is provided. The proximity to the town centre and bus routes offers increased options for travel.

“Changes to the existing building are limited principally to internal re-arrangements.

“External changes are the removal of the canopy and blocking up of the access at the existing entrance and insertion of a new window to create an additional bedroom.

“Two new windows in modified openings are to be installed to bedrooms at ground floor and first floor level.

“These changes are all on the front elevation. The only changes on other elevations are to the south elevation where a door is inserted to provide a new entrance  to the development and two sliding patio doors which are to be replaced with bedroom escape windows.

“Two high level windows on the north elevation are replaced with bedroom windows.

“In view of the small scale of changes, the impact of the building on the streetscape and the location in general is negligible.”

According to plans pre-application advice raised concerns over waste, noise and anti-social behaviour.

However the applicant says “firm management” of the site will help prevent these issues from arising.

“Pre-application advice has been sought from Gedling Borough Council for a change of use from care home (Class C2) to 30 bedroom house in multiple occupation” plans add.

“Its conclusions are generally positive and concerns relating to waste, noise and anti-social behaviour will be addressed by firm management of the project.

“Parking concerns are addressed by a change of occupancy and provision of secure cycle storage and proximity to public transport links.”

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