Gunn and Moore visited by Kiwi stars

Ross Taylor shows off his handiwork

With the cricket season well under way, Gunn and Moore in Colwick are busy making cricketing equipment for professionals and amateurs alike.

Since 1885, they have been at the forefront of cricket bat manufacturing in the UK and are responsible for making the the bats of current England batsman Joe Root and New Zealand’s Ross Taylor.

The day before the One day International at Trent Bridge, Taylor visited Gunn and Moore along with fellow Kiwi all-rounder Nathan McCullum to put the finishing touches to their equipment ahead of the game.

Ross Taylor, New Zealand Batsman

On average, the factory produces 30,000 bats a year and Nathan McCullum was keen to connect with the people responsible for making his cricketing equipment.

He said: “I usually get through about six bats a season but it’s always good to be able to go to the factory and suss out what’s going to be yours for the foreseeable.”

Nathan McCullum has visited the factory on numerous occasions but enjoys it every time.

“The more you come here, the more you remember the faces that have been here for years working on things and it’s always good to come down and show appreciation to what they do,” he said.

Spot On

 He  went on to describe what he looks for in a cricket bat and says that Gunn and Moore always get it spot on.

Nathan said: “I look for a light pick-up because I try and use fast hands and hit through the ball. A good bat is amazing for your confidence levels because you know you won’t have to swing the bat very hard. I trust Gunn and Moore.”

“When you’ve got a good bat, it certainly makes a difference.”

Nathan McCullum, New Zealand all-rounder

“Nottingham should be immensely proud of the factory. They send cricket bats all over the world. That’s pretty huge.”

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