Nottingham supermarket singer attracts thousands of online fans

A Nottingham man who videos himself bursting into song in local supermarkets has attracted a huge following online.

Peter Hastings has been belting out popular chart hits to bemused customers and posting the performances on Facebook and YouTube.

He has attracted 23,000 likes on the site and has also drawn thousands of hits with practical jokes and acts of kindness, including handing out free umbrellas on a wet November day in the city centre.

His most popular singing video, with 41,000 views and counting on Facebook, is a rendition of R Kelly’s ‘I believe I can fly’ at Bulwell Morrisons, posted last Wednesday.

Peter wrote: “I love having a laugh and giggle or two and I also love sharing my humour with you guys.”

Hundreds of people have also been commenting on the videos.

“Great to see someone spreading some happiness in Bulwell,” wrote Angela Binch.

Tim Binson added: “You can’t sing but you have me laugh, nice one.”

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